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Handcrafted Elegance

Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, celebrating the beauty of handmade glass art.

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Art Glass Haven is now open at Painted Tree Boutiques in Homestead, PA! Visit us 7 days a week at booth E17, 490 E Waterfront Dr, to shop our exclusive Vintage Collection of unique, high-quality art glass pieces. Explore hundreds of small businesses, artists, and artisans in this vibrant community. Discover handcrafted beauty and tradition at Art Glass Haven today!

Why Art Glass Haven?

Art Glass Haven is dedicated to celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of handcrafted glass art. With a deep admiration for the craft, our mission is to curate and offer exceptional, handmade glass pieces that resonate with the passion and creativity of their makers. Our vision is to be the premier online destination for glass art enthusiasts and collectors seeking unique, conversation-worthy pieces for their homes.

Our Curated Collections

Discover our curated artisan glassware collections, each a fusion of beauty, tradition, and modern design. From Murano-inspired vibrancy to the delicate details of hand-painted stemware, Art Glass Haven offers unique pieces that elevate any space.

Our Commitment to You


Directly from the artist's hands to your home, we bridge the gap between the creator and you.


Every item is a testament to the passion and creativity of its maker, crafted with care and precision.


Committed to ethical sourcing, our collection ensures both beauty and responsibility in every piece.


We ensure that every piece is genuinely handcrafted, offering you authenticity and quality.

About Me, Kristen Parise, Owner of Art Glass Haven

As the founder of Art Glass Haven, my passion for glass art was sparked by a Dale Chihuly installation in 2008. This fascination led me to delve into the craft through workshops and the Blown Away series. Following a career shift, I launched Art Glass Haven to share meticulously curated, ethically produced glass art. I prioritize direct sourcing from artists to ensure authenticity and craftsmanship. My aim is for customers to find joy and inspiration in our pieces, turning their homes into conversation starters that celebrate the beauty and artistry of glass.