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Artist Spotlight: Kara Gunter of TommyGunGlass - In Her Own Words

At Art Glass Haven, we cherish the stories and personal insights of the artists in this shop. Today, we delve into the artistic world of Kara Gunter, the force behind Tommy Gun Glass (@tommygunglass) in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here, Kara shares her journey, inspirations, and aspirations in her own words, giving us a deeper understanding of her unique approach to glass art.

A Journey Through Art

"I majored in 3D studies focusing on jewelry and small metal works at Winthrop University and later earned an MFA in Sculpture with a minor in Ceramics from the University of South Carolina. My path into glass was largely self-directed, sparked by a glass casting class I took, which gave me the foundational confidence to explore glass fusing on my own."



Inspirations and Creative Freedom

"Kiki Smith has always been a profound influence in my fine arts practice. In the realm of glass, Jason Chakravarty has been a significant mentor. He not only taught me glass casting but has continued to provide guidance through the years."

Describing her creative process, Kara notes, "I rarely start with sketches; I prefer to engage directly with the materials, moving and shaping glass pieces by hand. I’ve learned to embrace the unexpected and find joy in experimentation."

Current Faves

Discussing her favorite creations, Kara reveals, "I’m working on a series called 'Useless Bowls'. I find it amusing and liberating to create art that challenges the traditional functions of objects. These bowls, with their intentional flaws, represent a playful critique of the utilitarian expectations often placed on art."

Sustainable Practices

"On sustainability, my approach is personal and practical. I work from my home studio, keeping my footprint small and my practices eco-conscious. I recycle everything I can, from glass scraps to packaging materials, striving to keep waste out of landfills. Every little bit counts, and I’m committed to making my art as environmentally responsible as possible."

Future Aspirations and Challenges

"Looking ahead, I aim to grow my business and explore integrating glass with textiles, another medium I adore. The biggest challenges I face are time and resources, but every bit of support I receive helps me to invest back into my art, enhancing my tools and expanding my capabilities."

A Message to Art Glass Haven Customers

Kara concludes, "Whether it’s through my fine art or the more functional pieces, I hope my work brings joy, color, and a sense of playfulness into your life. Supporting artists like me means promoting a sustainable, creative future that values both beauty and environmental consciousness."

By choosing a piece from Kara Gunter, you contribute not just to the sustainability of the planet but also to a culture that values and nurtures artistic innovation. Thank you for supporting Kara and artists like her, who make a profound difference in both the art world and the wider community.